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Welcome to Villa Carey!

Grandeur, harmony, and total relaxation sway the days in this tropical sanctuary inspired by famed Mexican architect, Aldaco. Built in 1998, Villa Carey is one of the most prominent homes in Acapulco. Solid steel and concrete make a sturdy perch 270 feet above Acapulco Bay. Its open-air, open-wall design affords 180 degree views with soul-stirring sunsets. A private, gated entrance with guardhouse assures the highest level of privacy and security.

Five air conditioned bedrooms and eight baths grace this 7,500 square foot home. Each bedroom has its own theme played out in original art and custom woodwork carvings. It is fully furnished and decorated by renowned interior designers, Laura Cuevas of Mexico City and her partner, Beau Theriot of Houston, Texas. Beau and Laura chose local artist Alonso Palacios to create epic-sized murals throughout the house. Vivid colored sponge painting on interior walls create an authentic and pleasing Mexican ambiance.

Large staff quarters with kitchenette and bath accommodate any combination of chamber maid, chef, wait staff, bartender, chauffeur, gardener, and security guard you desire.

Other amenities include a television room with a dependable satellite; contemporary, dramatic lighting throughout the house; and an on-site laundry. A high pressure, large-volume water system that ensures hot and cold water is always available.

The warmth of Mexico lives in Villa Carey - all that's wanting is the presence of people seeking peace.
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